Corporate Gifting That Engages

Connection with your target audiences—be they employees, customers, or prospects—is more important than ever before to recognize and reconnect. Corporate Gifting is a great way to reconnect.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is the practice of creating a touchpoint with employees, clients, or prospects by sending a gift—whether giving a physical item such as a practical swag piece, an edible treat, or personalized clothing item, or via a non-physical gift such as an eGift card or an experience (such as airfare or concert tickets).


These gifts may be meant to drive response (as with a prospecting gift), reward behaviors (like a gift for making a purchase, referring a friend, or completing a download when researching product or service.

We create Corporate gifts for clients who want engage their employees, especially now with virtual offices and global companies not in close proximity.  If your company is looking to create a stronger brand recognition, loyalty or sales - corporate gifting is a great way to engage these individuals.


Our gifts are unique, branded and we try to always use small local/family owned suppliers from the area.  This not only benefits our clients with unique opportunities but it also supports local businesses.   

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