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MICEport Individual Incentives

Individual Travel Incentives

Reward your team with the ultimate incentive: independent adventure. Offer them a range of meticulously-planned experiences that cater to their unique travel style designed and delivered by our team of travel professionals. 


Allow your team to create a custom experience and emotional connection with your brand using an individual incentive program. Winners are able to choose from a selection of destinations, resorts, activities, and experiences that match their interests and lifestyle.

Our programs include custom brochures with multiple travel packages, individual certificates, and a branded redemption process. This personalization leaves a lasting impression on your employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Individual Travel works - especially now...

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Cash is not always King.  Through industry research and our experience -  people work harder to earn an experience than they do for cash.

Staff, customers, distributers - PEOPLE - want to treat themselves and their families to something out of the ordinary and that is where Individual Incentives come in.

We design, manage and measure exceptional individual travel programs.

Travel incentives are undeniably effective but what’s all the fuss about individual incentive travel? An awesome incentive trip is just that, right? Well, that’s not always the case.

Individual Travel provides a whole new level of independence by allowing individual achievers to pick their own experience and travel dates. Suddenly, their hard work doesn’t just get them something amazing…but something amazing that they choose!

Individual Travel offers the best incentive travel experiences through highly personalized, deeply meaningful options planned down to the very last detail. You, as the company, pick the choice of destinations , budget and goals. The employee picks the program and any add ons. We plan, book and execute the program with our team and our fantastic partners on the ground.

Send your teams a clear message: your effort is worthwhile, and you’re valued here.


Let’s create incentives that truly motivate your employees.

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